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IT Network

Information and Technology

1st talk: Pineapple and Kali: A Match Made in Hacker Heaven:
In the first talk, we will discuss issues concerning Library IT security preparedness through penetration testing using applications in Kali Linux, imminent threats to the library community, through tools such as pineapple, keyloggers, etc. The presenter will then conduct a demonstration of the pineapple along with a few applications in Kali GNU/Linux, and discuss how to combat this threat. The discussion ends with cybersecurity collection development strategies to ensure the cultivation of library staff, administration, and the public's awareness.

2nd talk: Unreasonable Search and Seizure of Data: The Internet, EULA, mobile applications, and the erosion of privacy:
In the second talk, we will discuss the 4th amendment, the general erosion of privacy, the library's responsibility to the community's privacy, total ignorance of End-user license Agreements, and privacy in mobile applications. The presenter will show participants a few resources that the library can promote and changes that the library should consider to combat issues regarding privacy. The discussion ends with collection development strategies surrounding privacy and library programming to the staff and the public surrounding issues in privacy, and participant interest in the EULA Database Project.

3rd talk: The Power of Social Engineering: Hacking Librarians, Library Staff, Patrons, and Administration: 
In the third talk, we will discuss the power of hacking people. We will discuss social media, publicly available digital information, and behavioral science. The presenter will discuss some experiences with socially engineering library staff to gain passwords, logins, and use that information to break into library systems. The presenter will show and conduct demonstrations using social engineering tools such as Metasploit and Maltego. The discussion ends with collection development strategies and workshops that librarians and IT staff can conduct to keep awareness of the dangers of social engineering to the public.

Trevor Watkins is the Teaching and Outreach Librarian for George Mason University Libraries. He is also the founder of Grey Alien Technologies, a science and engineering facility dedicated to the theoretical, empirical, and applied research and development of software and systems with a particular focus on cybersecurity. He is also an adjunct professor in the department of computer science and information systems at Youngstown State University, where he teaches computer forensics, information assurance, and security design. Previously, he served five years as the STEM Librarian at Kent State University Libraries. He has over eight years of experience in Library IT, having previously served as a Systems Engineer and a Systems Librarian in public libraries in Ohio. He has also consulted with academic and public libraries on issues concerning privacy, information security, penetration testing, forensics, vulnerability assessment, data management, data science, data security, software development, and knowledge acquisition and dissemination.

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10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern

Hubbard Public Library
436 W Liberty St.
Hubbard, OH 44425

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Contact Person:
Melissa Lattanzi
(phone: 3306550531)

Who should attend:  IT Staff

Cost:  $15 for all

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